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Common to all Yak Packages:

  • 2:00-2:30 hour personal Adventure Experience
  • A full pre-mission DVD briefing both in and out of the cockpit including safety briefing and cockpit familiarisation
  • Discussion and demonstration of air combat techniques and aerobatic manoeuvres that will be performed during your flight
  • Start up & pre-flight checks, taxi to take off
  • Flight time in accordance with package purchasedReturn to airport, land, taxi back and shut down
  • Sortie debrief and viewing of in-flight footage
  • Bonus Pack

Per person

Total Package time

Flight time(minutes)

Price Inc GST

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Yak Starter Pack

2 hrs

30 mins


Yak Starter Pack

Middle Yak Pack

2 hrs

45 mins


Middle Yak Pack

Deluxe Air Combat

2.5 hrs

50 mins


Deluxe Air Combat Pack

"FLIGHT TIME" Includes Taxi time which is normally around 7 minutes.

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars.


If you are up for the chase this is the adventure experience you must have. Go head to head with your opponent in a mock air combat situation. Thrills and spills guaranteed. Life in the dog fight is simple. Win the battle or loose and come back to do it another day.  The enemy is at large and it is up to you to hunt them down and take care of business. Our intelligence tells us we can find them towards Snake Valley which is close to the enemy airfield. Your role will be integral as we survey their base to ascertain their strike capability and defend our position as required. We will approach at low altitude to avoid radar. Have your navigation skills ready as we attempt to get in and out without detection. So that’s our plan of attack. There will be high speed chases, head to head combat with closing speeds of up to 800km per hour during the attack that we must expect to occur, evasive manoeuvres will be undertaken to avoid capture. Expect the unexpected in the battle for survival. After the final attack provided we are successful, we will pull up into a victory roll and head back to base for the debrief.Return to base for a formation landing and view the video of the action with family and friends.

This flight requires two people.

Capture your Yak Flight on film!

State of the art digital broadcast quality

  • Available on video or DVD formats
  • Multiple cockpit cameras
  • Multiple Camera angles
  • Full realtime actual flight audio and video action

DVD $100.00

Yak-52 Flights

  • Are suitable for people aged 12 and up who meet the following criteria-
  • Weigh between 40 and 110kgs. Please check with our staff if your weight range falls outside of this range prior to booking. Please check with our staff prior to booking if you wish to fly and stand more than 6ft tall to ensure the passenger will meet aircraft size restrictions.
  • Are of average health and are able bodied. We also specialise in providing Yak Flight experiences for severely ill or terminally ill people. Please check with our staff if your passenger falls into this category prior to booking. As each flight is tailored to suit the individual we are able to offer flights to people affected by various types of medical conditions. If this applies to your booking please speak to our staff prior to booking your flight.

Booking terms and conditions apply.