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Common to all Strikemaster Jet Packages:

  • 2:00-3:30 hour personal Adventure Experience
  • A full 60-minute pre-mission briefing both in and out of the cockpit including safety briefing and cockpit familiarisation
  • Discussion and demonstration of air combat techniques and aerobatic manoeuvres that will be performed during your flight
  • Kitting you up in Fighter Pilot flight suit, helmet and slim-line parachute
  • Start up & pre-flight checks, taxi to take off
  • Flight time in accordance with table below
  • Return to airport, land, taxi back and shut down
  • Sortie debrief and viewing of in-flight footage
  • Bonus Pack

Package per person

Total package time

Flight time(minutes)

Price inc GST

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Jet Introduction Package

2 hrs

20 mins

Includes $300 fuel levy

Jet Introduction Package

Intermediate Adventure Experience

2.25 hrs

30 mins

Includes $300 fuel levy

Intermediate Adventure Experience

Deluxe Adventure Experience

2.5 hrs

40 mins

Includes $400 fuel levy

Deluxe Adventure Experience

Ultimate Adventure Experience

Includes DVD of your flight and your choice of sortie to either the Grampians or the Twelve Apostles.

3.5 hrs

60 mins

Includes $600 fuel levy

ULTIMATE Adventure Experience

"FLIGHT TIME" Includes Taxi time which is normally around 7 minutes.

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and are inclusive of fuel levy.

Capture your Strikemaster Jet Flight on film!

  • State of the art digital broadcast quality
  • Available on video or DVD formats
  • Multiple cockpit cameras
  • Multiple Camera angles
  • Full realtime actual flight audio and video action

DVD $120.00

Strikemaster Adventure Flights

  • Are suitable for people aged 15 and up who meet the following criteria-
  • Weigh between 50 and 110kgs. Please check with our staff if your weight range falls outside of this range prior to booking. Please check with our staff prior to booking if you wish to fly and stand more than 6ft 2inches tall. Whilst we are able to accommodate most body sizes and heights we do require knowledge of this prior to booking to allow us enough time to make seat adjustments if required.
  • Are of average health and are able bodied. We also specialise in providing Jet Fighter experiences for severely ill or terminally ill people. Please check with our staff if your passenger falls into this category prior to booking. As each flight is tailored to suit the individual we are able to offer flights to people affected by various types of medical conditions. If this applies to your booking please speak to our staff prior to booking your flight.

Booking terms and conditions apply.